Thursday, December 11, 2014

Extra Credit

What We Did:
We figured out a way to use trigonometry to figure out how tall our school is. We used measuring tape, our phones, pen caps to keep track of our measurement placements, and a protractor. In my group, we found the adjacent, opposite, and hypotenuse of a triangular figure. We found the ground length (adjacent side) of our triangle (25 ft). We then used a drawing of our triangle Sid made on snapchat (the triangular shape was drawn from the point of the top of the building to the end of the 25 ft) to find the degree for the angle of our triangle. Our calculations were o/a=tan43. Using this information we were able to multiply 25 ft by tan43=23.3 ft.

The picture below reflects the general idea of how we solved this. The average was about 27 ft, so our method was close to the accepted value. Knowing how to use trigonometry to solve this problem helped me understand how the method really works. I also really liked the different type of environment we were able to work in and that we could work with a team to accomplish a common goal.